Julien Sunier

There are few as passionate about the wines of Beaujolais as Julien Sunier. Originally from Dijon with no vineyards to his name, Julien has catapulted to wine stardom in a manner that take many others an entire lifetime. After cutting his teeth with the famous Christophe Roumier of Burgundy and Jasper Morris MW at his importing business, he settled out on his own in 2007 to purchase vineyards in Fleurie. Now, the Domaine is located in the town of Avenas with vineyards scattered on three different Crus: Regnie, Fleurie and Morgon.

Julien has been making his own wine for just over a decade, and his style is a captivating and boundary-less blend of new techniques and old traditions. Like many "new school" natural wine zealots, he has completely eschewed chemical fertilizers and herbicides in the vineyards. Like his classical Beaujolais compatriots, his wines celebrate the unique characteristics of Gamay, as well as the distinct terroirs of Beaujolais' different villages.


Following in the tradition of his friends Lapierre & Thévenet, Julien is a natural winemaker who practises biodynamic viticulture. Hand picked grapes are brought to the winery where they undergo a long and slow carbonic maceration before élevage in old Burgundy barrels for eight to twelve months. There is very little in the way of additions, with only minimal sulphur used at bottling and absolutely no chaptalization, artificial yeasts or other adjustments.



Julien Sunier's mother was Christophe Roumier’s hairdresser and that's where he got his first job in wine!


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