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Half the Bottle, Double the Romance: Your Guide to Valentine's Day Sipping
Forget the full-sized fuss this Valentine's Day. We're making a case for the little guys - those charming half bottles that prove good things come in small packages. Perfect for lovebirds who want to sip without the slip of having too much, or for those who want to taste their way through a line-up without stumbling through the evening.
Why Californian Trousseau Should Be On Your Radar
When it comes to California, your mind probably jumps straight to the blockbuster hits: the bold Cabernets of Napa, the sophisticated Pinot Noirs of the Sonoma Coast, and the robust Zinfandels of Lodi and Paso Robles. But let's dive into the undercurrents, where a lesser-known star is rising, capturing the hearts of the avant-garde winemakers and those with a taste for the beautifully unique. That star is Trousseau. This obscure grape, with roots nestled in the Jura region of France and the Douro region of Portugal, is now making waves across California's boutique vineyards.
Ten Things You Might Not Know About Mayacamas Vineyards
Perched atop the scenic Mount Veeder, Mayacamas Vineyards is an iconic symbol of the Napa Valley's rich and storied history. For over 130 years, this iconic winery has been crafting some of California's most sought-after wines, sticking firmly to time-honoured traditions. As the proud distributors of Mayacamas in the UK, we reckon we'd give even the most seasoned Mayacamas aficionados a run for their money in a pub quiz. Here are ten interesting facts we think you should know about the renowned Napa estate. 
Magnums vs. Half Bottles: Why Bigger Isn't Always Better
Everyone knows the standard 75cl wine bottle - a size potentially determined by the lung capacity of ancient glassblowers, or the average amount one drank during dinner. But if you look a little closer, you'll discover two fascinating contenders that many argue enhance the wine experience: the half bottles, and the majestic magnum. Let's delve into the unique charm of these two sizes and see what sets them apart. 
Beaujolais Uncorked: Ten Must-Know Facts
Beaujolais Nouveau Day might grab headlines, but the true story of Beaujolais is written in the vineyards and cellars that work year-round. It's a narrative rich with detail, accessible yet profound, much like the wines themselves. 
The Beaujolais Visionary: Julien Sunier's Journey to Winemaking Stardom
Few are as fervent about the wines of Beaujolais as Julien Sunier. From humble beginnings in Dijon without vineyards to his name, Julien's ascent to winemaking prominence is a tale many dream of but few achieve.
Sonoma's New Frontier: Alma Fria Winery and the Debut of a New Coastal AVA

The West Sonoma Coast, a newly minted AVA, is making waves with its extreme viticulture and stunning cool-climate wines. At its heart, Alma Fria Winery stands out, championing the region's unique terroir and setting new benchmarks in quality.


South Africa's Rising Star: How Alex Milner's Natte Valleij Wines Are Turning Heads

South Africa's wine legacy has evolved over the centuries, seeing its fair share of ups and downs. And right now, it’s on an incredible up, with vineyards such as Natte Valleij receiving rave reviews and high scores across the board. But what is it about Alex Milner’s wines that have the industry buzzing? 

High on Authenticity: Napa Valley's Smith-Madrone
Venture high up Napa's Spring Mountain, and you'll find yourself in a vinous time capsule, untouched by the rush of modern winemaking trends. Here lies Smith-Madrone, a testament to California's storied past, established in 1971 by brothers Stuart and Charles Smith. As we discovered during our June visit, this is a world where the analog beauty of traditional winemaking stands tall, untouched by the glitzy allure of the modern age. 
Roberson on the Road: Napa, Sonoma, and Santa Cruz
We caught up with some of the timeless icons and rising stars of our northern California portfolio, including producers such as: Kongsgaard, Mayacamas, Smith-Madrone, and more. 
Roberson on the Road: Santa Barbara
Here at Roberson, we're BIG on Californian wines - so much so, we've bagged Decanter's ‘USA Specialist of the Year’ award seven times. We make the transatlantic journey at least once a year, eager to check in with the winemakers we admire, scout for new talent, and keep our finger on the pulse of the trends shaping this dynamic wine scene.
No More Sad Salads
Wine! Because no good story has ever started with someone eating a salad. Drawn on a pub A-board, printed on a tote-bag flung over someone's shoulder, or maybe on a Greetings card, I'm certain everyone has come across 'rib-tickling' meme or version of it at some stage.
5 Top Tips for the Perfect Dinner Party
With the revival of the dinner party, we thought we’d share our top tips for being the perfect host, bringing your dining room to life and ways to introduce a bit of that restaurant magic into your own home.
Bratwurst and Gluhwein: A Guide to German Wine and Food Pairings
Great beer, brilliant cars, a frustratingly good international football team, lots of pork, even more sauerkraut and the somewhat unfortunate reputation for cheap sweet white wine... Some would say that’s Germany in a nutshell. However, as is often the case, there is much, much more to discover. Where better to look than two of my favourite things – food & wine. 
London Cru Uncovered with Alex Hurley

London Cru's Alex Hurley is one of few UK Winemakers prioritising still wines over sparkling. A high-risk strategy in a marginal climate, Lisse Garnett asked him how he does it.


The Methods of the Makers: Carbonic Maceration
This article was authored by Amy Theron. Studying Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University in South Africa furthered my fascination in the wide variety of wine making techniques and the wine styles that they produced. I am particularly interested in...
German Wine Regions Explained
This article was authored by Max Edge. UNCOVERING THE KEY REGIONS OF GERMANY As part of our German Wine Week, we are unpacking some of the key regions in Germany - from the home of Riesling in Mosel, to the...
Champagne vs. English Sparkling Wine
The origins of Champagne can be traced back to 16th-century French monks. English sparkling wine has a far more recent history, first appearing in 1984 when David and Linda Carr-Taylor first experimented with producing sparkling wine off the back of an exceptional vintage in their vineyards in East Sussex.
Sustainable Winemaking
Sustainability has become a central pillar to our brand identity and when it comes to sustainable winemaking no producer better exemplifies this approach than one of our own agencies Long Meadow Ranch. LMR prove that both  sustainability and exceptional winemaking are jointly achievable and having seen first hand the devastation of the 2020 fires, they know better than anyone the need for action, striving for sustainable growing, sustainable winemaking and sustainable wine tourism.