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Introducing Roberson Wine


Founded in 1991 by Cliff Roberson, Roberson Wine reflects the spirit of adventure and pioneering that has characterised Cliff’s remarkable fifty-year journey through the world of wine. From London’s dynamic scene to the heart of Manhattan, and the vineyards of Bordeaux and Chile, Cliff’s story is one of passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality. As we celebrate over three decades of excellence, we invite you to discover why we’ve been a preferred choice for wine lovers, restaurants, and retailers alike.


A London boy who made good, Cliff's path is marked by a spirit of independence and a knack for forging connections. His early years saw him venturing from Soho’s wine cellars to New York, where he rubbed shoulders with icons like Warhol, and then onto Bordeaux, living in a chateau and immersing himself in the art of winemaking. Cliff’s ventures have always been about more than wine; they’re about people, places, and the stories that bind them.


Roberson Wine is an independent, family-run business that stands at the intersection of tradition and innovation. Home to London Cru, the UK’s first urban winery, we are dedicated to bringing exceptional wine from the best producers worldwide directly to our customers. Whether it’s a rare find for a collector, a robust selection for our trade partners, or a beloved classic for a wine lover, we ensure every bottle represents the pinnacle of quality and taste.


Inspired by Cliff’s ethos, we believe in making exceptional wine accessible to all. Roberson Wine is about the joy of discovery, the thrill of the new, and the satisfaction of knowing that every bottle has a story worth sharing. Our commitment extends beyond sales; it's about enriching the wine experience for our community through education, tastings, and unparalleled service.


After transitioning from our well-loved Kensington High Street location, Roberson Wine now calls a converted gin distillery in West London home. This vibrant space is where our operations come to life, including our fine wine department, online sales, trade dealings, and London Cru, our urban winery. It's also a lively venue for our wine tastings, offering a unique setting that reflects our commitment to wine, innovation, and the rich history we continue to build upon.

Meet the team

Our team is made up of friendly people with the knowledge and enthusiasm to champion great wine.

















Awards & Press

Decanter Best Specialist Retailer 2022


Decanter Best USA Specialist 2020


International Wine Challenge USA Specialist of the Year, 2019


IWC Online Retailer of the Year 2018, 2019


Decanter Online Retailer of the Year, 2016


Roberson has 'bust out dancing' from the pandemic, its USA range outstanding in California but also beyond, and its achingly cool events featuring Californian tacos, live graffiti and 'the sweet beat of retro vinyl'.

- Decanter Retailer Awards 2022

There's no trumping Roberson Wine when it comes to the USA.

- Peter Richards MW, 2018 Decanter Retailer Awards

Whenever I need to find a bottle which represents California at its most exciting and at a fantastic price point I immediately think of Roberson Wine! California is going through a new era of winemaking and you guys are right at the forefront, championing this awesome new wave. Thank you for being the ultimate California cheerleaders!

- Amelia Singer, Wine Educator, Consultant & TV Presenter

Roberson’s move from physical shop to online retailer has been seamless. Their elegant website is a joy to use on any device, with algorithms supporting customised recommendations, powerful search/filtering options and effortless functionality.

- Decanter Retailer Awards, September 2016

What they’ve done takes guts,’ said one judge of our winners, who have demonstrated a clear commitment to sourcing wines that represent the ‘New California’, bringing in newer, less expensive wines, also from further afield, to bolster their offering of celebrated names.

- Decanter Retailer Awards, September 2015

Scooping numerous awards for its West Coast wines, including the 2014 Decanter World Wine Awards accolade for Americas Specialist, Roberson Wine is a merchant that champions California like no other. It proudly and actively disregards old-fashioned, big, alcoholic, point-scoring Cabernet Sauvignons and Chardonnays, favouring modesty and elegance instead. Although Roberson sells directly to customers, it also supplies restaurants with its range of cutting-edge wines, helping to spread the message about what Californian wines can offer today, throughout the UK. Roberson’s latest initiative, to supply wines on tap to UK restaurants, perfectly illustrates why it is in the vanguard of Californian wine here.

- Jane Parkinson, Decanter, September 2015

Roberson got the nod for its exciting and brave efforts this year to source, promote and champion the new wave of North American producers.

- Decanter World Wine Awards, 2014

The best wine merchant in London.

- Adam Lechmere, Rot., March 2014

Roberson is one of London's most dynamic wine merchants. It is not that old but it has fingers in a much wider range of pies than most: education ... fine wines, including some relatively ancient vintages; direct imports such as our very popular Mas Coutelou wine of the week; and now, natural wines.

- Jancis Robinson MW, 15th June 2012

In May I went to my first evening wine tasting at Roberson, the fine wine store at the far end of Kensington High Street and I was extremely impressed. You may remember that Julia Harding and Richard Hemming have already reported on some fine events held there and I can now quite understand their enthusiasm.

- Jancis Robinson MW, on jancisrobinson.com, 2009

Fine and rare wines, sold by the bottle. All of France is excellent; so is Italy and port.Oz Clarke, Oz Clarke's 250 Best Wines, 2009

I have attended and written up Roberson's tastings for a couple of years now. For the record, these are just a bunch of young guys who organize great tastings and they run one of the best wine outlets in London.

- Neal Martin, eRobertParker.com, July 2008

Roberson is the new breed of fine wine merchant where sleek is part of the style.

- Wine & Spirit, June 2008