Founded in 2001 by childhood friends Nathan Lee Roberts and Duncan Arnot Meyers, Arnot-Roberts represents a paradigm shift in Californian winemaking. With deep-rooted connections to the land and an innovative spirit, they've carved a niche for themselves as leaders of "The New California Wine" movement. Their approach is a tribute to the great California wines of yore, before the era of Parkerization, proving that California can produce wines that not only dazzle in their youth but also mature with elegance and grace. The duo's commitment to showcasing California's diverse terroir has led them to explore and champion both celebrated and unheralded vineyards across the state. Nathan's expertise in barrel-making complements Duncan's extensive experience at renowned wineries like Caymus, Groth, and Kongsgaard. Together, they produce a very limited 2,000 cases annually, spanning thirteen distinct wines. From Mendocino to the Santa Cruz Mountains, their hunt for unique and extreme sites has unearthed gems like Clary Ranch, Fellom Ranch, and Trout Gulch. Their winemaking approach is a masterful blend of old and new techniques, combining indigenous fermentations, minimal use of new wood, and whole-cluster inclusion for reds. Their Chardonnay echoes the practices of Dauvissat and Raveneau, while their Syrah draws inspiration from Gentaz and Juge.

Arnot-Roberts' portfolio is as diverse as it is distinctive, featuring classics like Pinot Noir, Syrah, and Chardonnay, alongside more esoteric varieties like Ribolla Gialla and Trousseau. Each wine is a testament to their belief in balance, integrity, and the expression of unique vineyard sites. The wines are known for their ability to evolve beautifully, showcasing the complexity and balance that define the world's great wines.

In a landscape where winemakers often choose between outdoing or mimicking Old World styles, Arnot-Roberts uses these traditions as a muse, firmly planting their creations in California soil. Their work not only highlights the unique qualities of California's terroir but also sets a new benchmark for what Californian wines can be – vibrant, expressive, and capable of standing shoulder to shoulder with the world's best.

Duncan Arnot Meyers and Nathan Lee Roberts, two unassuming yet visionary winemakers from Napa, have not only done justice to their heritage but have also illuminated the path for California's vinous future. Their wines are a celebration of the state's rich vineyard tapestry, and a reminder that true greatness in winemaking often lies in respecting and expressing the land's inherent character. They are, in every sense, the new classics of California wine.


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