Mickael Crinquand is the fourth generation to have worked on these 5 hectares. In this estate where the house used to belong to the monks of Vaux, the winegrowers traditionally work on their wines to reflect the unique terroir of the Jura. Polyculturist from father to son, the family works always applies to the Jura traditions, working from vines, cereals but also livestock! In organic farming since the 1990s, well before the media coverage of the Jura, the family also produces Comté cheese, pairing amazingly well with their wines.

Domaine Overnoy-Crinquand is based in Pupillin, a small village in the middle of the Arbois appellation. Five hectares are dedicated to the vine where the classic Jura grape varieties are planted; Ploussard, Trousseau, Savagnin but also a little Chardonnay. On these red clay-limestone marl soil, the minerality of their vineyards distinguish them. Hand-picking, mechanical pressing... Everything is done to express the unique work that is done on its soils and in this 17th century cellar. On the Jura hillside, vinification and breeding is deeply traditional with few sulphite additions and fermentation with natural yeast.

A range of authentic wines for a small winegrower who deserves a taste. This natural and undeniable signature makes it possible to rediscover family tradition and typicity of the Jura. Offering a wonderful vision of the region that is to be enjoyed around the amazing regional cheese.


Our selection of wines from Overnoy-Crinquand