Domaine Guerrin & Fils

When you think of 'White Burgundy,' images of luxury and exclusivity often come to mind, especially with famous names like Meursault and Puligny Montrachet. However, tucked away in the Mâconnais, Domaine Guerrin et Fils are changing this perception, offering superb quality without the high-end price.

Established in 1926, this family-run estate is nestled between two striking limestone cliffs, the Roche de Solutré and the Roche de Vergisson. These iconic rock formations not only create a stunning backdrop but also contribute to the unique terroir that defines their wines. Now in its fourth generation, the Guerrin family has been pivotal in elevating the reputation of Mâconnais Chardonnays since the 1980s.

Spanning 35 small parcels over 14 hectares, the vineyards are a patchwork of diverse soils, each adding a distinct signature to their wines. Embracing 'lutte raisonnée,' a French term meaning 'reasoned struggle,' they adopt environmentally conscious practices, carefully balancing traditional and sustainable viticulture. This approach ensures healthy vines and high-quality grapes while respecting nature.

In the winery, their Macon and St-Veran wines are fermented and aged in tanks to enhance their fresh and lively character. Their Pouilly-Fuissé, particularly from prized sites like ‘Les Crays’, is aged in barrels for 12 months (including 15% new oak) to add subtle complexity and depth.

At Domaine Guerrin et Fils, every step from vineyard to bottle is meticulously managed. They promote deep rooting of vines for optimal mineral absorption, maintain low yields for better fruit quality, and mostly handpick their grapes. This dedication to craftsmanship extends to their winemaking, where natural yeasts on the grapes initiate fermentation, capturing the full essence of their flavours. Ageing on lees in oak barrels for up to a year adds richness and texture to the wines.

Constant innovation and research drive the Guerrin family, always with the goal of enhancing quality while honouring their land's unique character. The result is a range of wines that showcase finesse, purity, and balance.


Our selection of wines from Domaine Guerrin & Fils