Meet Marion and Manfred Ebner-Ebenauer, an award-winning duo at the helm of Ebner-Ebenauer, nestled in Austria's Weinviertel. Famed for their diverse range of wines crafted from ancient vines spanning a 20-hectare estate, their commitment to spontaneous fermentation, and painstaking manual harvesting techniques, the couple has secured the title 'Winemakers of the Year 2022' by Falstaff. Utilizing a kaleidoscope of terroirs across 38 vineyards, they produce singular expressions of each grape variety that reflect their unique growing conditions.

Ebner-Ebenauer's roots are as deeply embedded in history as their old vines, centered around a 400-year-old winery. This journey began with Manfred Ebenauer, originally a marketing student, who took a detour from his intended career path, transitioning to the role of a winemaker under his father's guidance. As fate would have it, he crossed paths with Marion, a fellow wine management student who quickly became his life and business partner. Together, they've successfully grown the winery from its original seven hectares to its current span of 20 hectares, converting to organic farming along the way.

At Ebner-Ebenauer, the winemaking philosophy rests on patience and nature's guidance. Manfred leverages spontaneous fermentation, allowing the wines to evolve naturally, undisturbed. Their vineyards are home to vines of above-average age, some over 70 years old, contributing significantly to the complexity and depth of their wines. Each parcel of grapes is harvested by hand and vinified separately, ensuring the truest expression of each site. The winery's no-frills approach eliminates reliance on pumps and technical equipment, further reinforcing their dedication to authenticity and time-honoured tradition.

Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Zweigelt, St. Laurent


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