Domaine Adèle Rouzé

In the heart of the renowned Loire Valley, Adèle Rouzé's winemaking lineage stands tall. Her father, Jacques, carved out a distinguished reputation in both Quincy and Reuilly — two iconic sub-regions within the Loire.

In 2003, with the aid of her Bordeaux wine education and her credentials as an agricultural appraiser (someone expertly trained to value farmland and its produce), Adèle made her decisive move. With a generous 4-hectare parcel of old vines from her parents, she established Domaine Adèle Rouzé. Today, her brother Côme oversees the main family estate, having supported Adèle in the early stages of her own project.

Her talent is evident in every bottle; despite the domaine's modest 5-hectare size, it is home to age-old vines, some dating back to the 1920s. Committed to sustainability, Adèle champions minimal intervention and natural methods. And her approach works! Her wines regularly clinch high Decanter scores. For anyone exploring Loire Valley wines, Adèle's creations are a must-try.


In the famed Loire Valley, just west of the famed Sancerre, lies Quincy. Gaining its AOC status in 1936, this region is second only to Châteauneuf-du-Pape in its designation. While Quincy and Sancerre share a climate, it's their terroir that sets them apart. Sancerre boasts chalk, limestone, and silex soils, whereas Quincy presents a contrasting terrain of sandy surface layers with underlying limestone. This particular soil composition in Quincy gives its Sauvignon Blanc a unique character, distinguishing it from its neighbours. It's here that Sauvignon Blanc sings its most poetic tune, producing wines brimming with personality. And in the hands of a maestro such as Adèle, these wines don't just speak; they soar, reaching heights that redefine the appellation's standards.


Though a compact 5-hectare estate, Adèle's vineyard produces outstanding Sauvignon. Some of its cherished parcels—such as Creves Coeurs, Les Rimones, and Villalin—boast venerable vines, dating back to the 1920s. Located primarily on the left bank of the Cher River, they benefit from ideal south or southeast exposures. While not strictly organic, Adèle upholds the principle of 'lutte raisonnée' or responsible farming, emphasising natural treatments and minimising interventions.


Adèle's artistry in winemaking is both scientific and intuitive. She harnesses the power of natural yeasts, allowing them to work their magic on her high quality fruit. Modern, thermoregulated stainless steel vats ensure precision during fermentation. Yet, Adèle's distinctive edge lies in her pressing technique: while it's tempting to extract every ounce from the grapes, she refrains. Over-pressing can introduce unwanted bitterness, and Adèle seeks purity. By carefully regulating the pressure, she retains the grape's true essence. Post-fermentation, ageing on fine lees imparts a nuanced richness, producing a Sauvignon Blanc that's a genuine reflection of Quincy’s unique terroir.


Vintage 2021



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