Weingut Carl Koch

In Rheinhessen, Germany's largest quality wine-producing region, the shift from bulk to boutique has been led by trailblazers like Weingut Carl Koch. Embracing traditional methods with a modern twist, they're at the forefront of crafting quality wines, including their standout Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir). Carl Koch's range of elegant, Organic wines are prime examples of the region's renaissance.

Established in 1833 by Friedrich Koch, a visionary pharmacist, Weingut Carl Koch has evolved from its first vineyard to a renowned 12-hectare estate. Carl Koch, Friedrich's son and the then-mayor of Oppenheim, played a pivotal role in expanding the estate, now stewarded by the seventh generation under Paul Berkes since 2009. Specialising in small-batch production, the winery crafts 50,000 bottles annually, primarily from vineyards gracing the slopes above Oppenheim and Dienheim.

Embracing organic practices since 2010, the winery combines traditional practices with modern sustainability. At the heart of their winemaking is Agustin Nova, an Argentine expert with global experience. His journey from Mendoza’s organic vineyards to mastering cold climate wines in Northern Italy has been instrumental in elevating Carl Koch's offerings, especially their acclaimed Pinot Noirs.

Nestled near Oppenheim, adjacent to the famous Oppenheimer Sackträger vineyard, Weingut Carl Koch has a unique legacy. Transitioning from the world's first quinine factory to full-time viticulture in 1888, the estate today is synonymous with elegant wines that deliver exceptional value. Their Spätburgunder is a standout, offering a Burgundy-like experience at a more accessible price point. The estate is also blessed with a large library of old vintages going back decades, small quantities of which are released to us throughout the year.


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