Bergström Winery History
Bergström is one of the finest sources of Pinot Noir, not just in the United States, but in the world, Bergström's story began in 1999, when Josh and Caroline returned to the Willamette Valley, where his parents had been sowing and ploughing under rich green cover crops to revitalise the soil and prepare the land for vines. During his first year back from France, Josh planted vines and purchased grapes from other vineyards to make the first vintage of Bergström wine. He sourced fruit from other vineyards until 2001, when he produced his first wines using grapes from his family's vineyards. The amount of effort that Josh invests in the vineyard is one of the key reasons the wines are so impressive. Ten months of the year he is out on his tractor, all day, managing the vineyards. His approach is painstaking, meticulous and has been an inspiration to many young winemakers in the region.

Viticulture/Winemaking Style
Bergström is based in the heart of the Willamette Valley a region long since recognised for having ideal conditions for Burgundian varietals (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir), the climate provides a long growing season, cool wet winters, followed by warm summers with cool evening providing excellent ripening conditions. The estate has more than 36 acres under vine, all of which are organically certified, grown on marine and volcanic soils. Additionally, since 2000, the farming has been biodynamic and the results have impressed with an extra degree of vitality and freshness visible. Their wines are a vinous road map to the different marine sedimentary and volcanic hillsides where Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are grown. Bergström's stylistic expression has juicy, natural acidity, fresh fruit aromas and flavours, a taut and saline mineral core, as well as rich earth and spice characters from the ancient weathered soils and bedrocks.

Grape Varieties
Pinot Noir & Chardonnay

Fun Fact
The Willamette Valley's conditions are so perfect for Pinot and Chardonnay that big players from Burgundy have also been drawn to the region, most notably Joseph Drouhin and Louis Jadot opening wineries.


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