Alma Fria

Alma Fria is a small boutique winery located near Annapolis in the West Sonoma Coast AVA. Founded in 2012, it began as a side project for winemaker Carroll Kemp, who was also co-founder of the successful Red Car Winery. Alma Fria's philosophy is to reveal the complexity of the terroir through natural farming and winemaking practices, resulting in elegant Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Winery History
In 2012, a group of friends discovered a special vineyard near the villages of Annapolis and Sea Ranch and used its grapes to produce Alma Fria's inaugural wine. Carroll Kemp was appointed winemaker from the outset, while continuing his work at Red Car Winery. In 2018, Kemp sold his stake in Red Car and took full control of Alma Fria.

Viticulture/Winemaking Style
Winemaking is approached with a deep reverence for nature and a commitment to preserving the natural balance of the soil. Their winemaking philosophy is rooted in reflecting, listening, and tasting the nuances of their vineyards. By embracing the natural process of fermentation and respecting the authentic expression of their grapes, they craft wines that truly showcase the complexity and character of their terroir.

Grape Varieties
Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

The Wines:
The wines are fresh, balanced, and elegant, yet dynamic, with a bright natural acidity that gives them a bright, exuberance. The terroir is the focus, and the wines offer a certain "aliveness" and originality that is the honest expression of harmony between earth and vine.


Our selection of wines from Alma Fria