Long Meadow Ranch

While vineyards were found at Long Meadow Ranch as far back as the late 1800s, they fell into disuse during prohibition and it wasn't until purchase of the estate by the Hall family in 1989 that the overgrown and ramshackle property was renovated into its stunning modern form.

Long Meadow Ranch is set up in the fashion of a classic estate in Tuscany, where organic vineyards are complimented by olive orchards and olive oil making, vegetable and fruit growing, cattle, horses and poultry. Owners Ted, Laddie and Chris Hall have a holistic approach to farming, believing that each aspect of their farming practise, if performed in a responsible and organic way, adds to and improves everything else they do.

While we had long known the reputation of Long Meadow Ranch's wines, they were strikingly brought to our attention when their 2015 Anderson Valley Chardonnay won the Platinum award for Best USA Chardonnay at the 2017 Decanter World Wine Awards.


Our selection of wines from Long Meadow Ranch