Dupuis Wines

Wells Guthrie has crafted some of California's most terroir-driven and food-centric wines. His journey began as a tasting coordinator for the Wine Spectator, where he delved into the mechanics of the wine industry. This experience ignited his passion for winemaking. Guthrie's quest led him to France, where he apprenticed for two years with the renowned Rhône vintner, Michel Chapoutier as well as stints with Dujac, and Mugnier. Working in both the winery and vineyards, he gained insights into northern Rhône varietals and biodynamics.

Upon returning to California, Wells and his wife founded Copain, garnering praise for their Syrahs. However, Guthrie yearned for a different approach, inspired by the restrained northern Rhone examples. In 2003, he made a bold move to produce Pinot Noir, choosing to pick early, resulting in wines under 12% alcohol, a revelation in the industry.

After two decades of success and growth, Wells sold Copain in 2015 but soon realised that his vision clashed with corporate demands. He seized the opportunity to start anew, purchasing a 40-acre estate in Anderson Valley, where he planted seven acres of Pinot Noir. DuPuis was born, embodying his philosophy and commitment to small-scale, hands-on winemaking.

Nicknamed "Puis" during his time in Burgundy, the name Du Puis translates to "Of Wells." This boutique winery operates with a tight-knit team, including Wells and his sole employee, with occasional help from his wife and family. DuPuis wines exclusively showcase the Anderson Valley's greatness, a true testament to Wells Guthrie's dedication and craftsmanship.

Beyond the Estate: In addition to his estate vineyard, Wells cultivates grapes from various contracted, cool climate sites across the Anderson Valley. Here, he nurtures Syrah, Chardonnay, and even small parcels of Trousseau and Poulsard, among others.

An Outstanding Portfolio: DuPuis wines represent a return to greatness in California winemaking. They embody purity, precision, terroir expression, and the unmistakable Wells Guthrie style that enthusiasts have admired for years. These wines are a testament to excellence and have the potential to thrust Wells and DuPuis back into the forefront of California's wine conversation.


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