Domaine Sainte Philomène

Nestled in the heart of Provence, Domaine Sainte Philomène is an ancient estate brought to new heights by the de la Perrière family. From elegant rosés to a unique Provençal white, their wines reflect the region's characteristic freshness, coastal minerality, and timeless elegance.

Winery History

Emmanuel and Dominique de la Perrière, along with their son Geoffroy, have breathed new life into the historic Domaine Sainte Philomène. The estate, established in the 1850s, was taken over by the family in 2005. Emmanuel, originally a cereal grower and Charolais breeder from a Beaujolais wine family, and Dominique expanded the vineyard from 13 to over 25 hectares, amidst 500 ancient olive trees. These olive trees also contribute to the production of top-quality olive oil, protected under the Coteaux d'Aix en Provence AOP. Son Geoffroy, a graduate in viti-oenology, now leads the winemaking, marrying tradition with innovation.

Viticulture/Winemaking Style

While initially the family divided responsibilities, Geoffroy now manages the entire estate, from the vineyard to the cellar. His approach involves harvesting and vinifying each plot individually, starting with cold stabilisation to preserve freshness and delicate colour through direct pressing. This results in accessible wines celebrated under the local AOP Coteaux D’Aix en Provence. The offerings, including their Valentino, Philippine, and Adele wines, encapsulate the unique taste of Provence, marked by a characterful saltiness and freshness.

Grape Varieties

Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Vermentino, Ugni Blanc, Grenache Blanc.

Fun Fact

The estate is named after Saint Philomena, who was highly regarded by the Saint Curé of Ars and linked to many of his miracles. The wines, on the other hand, carry personal family names - 'Valentino', 'Philippine', and 'Adèle' are named after the eldest grandson, Geoffroy's wife, and eldest granddaughter, respectively, underlining the strong family ties at the core of the estate.


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