Carboniste are redefining American fizz. Founded in 2017 by husband-wife duo Dan and Jacqueline Person, this California-based producer is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sparkling winemaking. With a focus on innovation and a fresh perspective, these exceptional sparkling wines showcase the true potential of the region.



Carboniste got its start in 2017, when husband and wife team Dan and Jacqueline started the business in a shared winery space just south of Napa. Having staged at several renowned wineries such as DRC and Napa’s premier sparkling house, Schramsberg Dan - and Naked Wines consultant and winemaker Jacqueline -  decided to redefine California sparkling wine. Recently relocating to Sonoma for a newer, larger facility and adding the much-experienced Mara Ambrose to the team, the endeavour is a serious effort to change the landscape of bubbles.



Rather than trying to make Champagne-style wine, Dan and Jacqueline decided to embrace the radically different climate and terroir of California. Their focus is not on the rich, autolytic characteristics of Champagne, but the ripe flavours and concentration of California. Through the usage of techniques such as bottling under crown cap, limited dosage, and lowered pressure, the Carboniste team create wines pervaded by California sunshine. Fruity and mouth-wateringly acidic, these bottlings prove the viability of a distinctly New World sparkling style.

Carboniste cultivate an exciting range of grape varieties that thrive in California's diverse climate and terroir. From renowned classics like Chardonnay and Pinot Noir to intriguing lesser-known varietals for sparkling wine like Pinot Grigio and Albariño, each grape is carefully selected to showcase the unique characteristics of the region. Abundant sunshine, warmth, and minimal rainfall shape their naturally ripe flavours and silky textures. 


Grape Varieties: Albariño, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio



Sparkling Albariño Extra Brut 2022: Albariño grapes give this light and fresh sparkling wine notes of tart berries and stone fruit. The perfect aperitif wine, it’s light and fresh with notes of gooseberry, kumquat and stone fruit blossom.


Pét Nat Pinot Grigio Extra Brut 2021: A fresh and clean example of pétillant naturel wine. Bottled with primary yeast sediment, it shows lovely yeast flavours characteristic of bottle ageing. Early picking allows this wine to carry low alcohol along with an abundance of energy and lightness.


Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé Extra Brut 2022: A young fresh expression of Pinot Noir. Peachy pink, this rosé is like a cool spring morning under a cherry tree. Enjoy a clean acidity with a little more structure than your typical sparkling wine. Pair with delicate seafood such as uni or scallop dishes. 


Santa Cruz Mountains Corralitos Brut 2019: Made of 83% Pinot Noir and 17% Chardonnay, this extremely limited production wine exhibits loads of orange peel, apricots, almonds, and toffee.


Our selection of wines from Carboniste